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Music Band

Both Megu(Ba) and Ayumu(Vo) had been performed in each band before they met in 2002, and they formed a band `Zwei` in June 2003.

They made a major debut on May 26th 2004 with its song `Movie Star`.

`Zwei` means `Two` in German, but it is the meaning the duo which is two different material harmonized. It is a duo which the one and only to make a sound, a vocal and the bassist which is composed natural emotions and aggressive emotions.

In 2009,
*They released `Mephistopheles no mokushi` from 5pb. Records.
In 2012,
*They  released           `Kakuchou      place`   which  is         main    theme  of         game product `ROBOTICS;NOTES` in June. They also released `JunJou spectrum` which is main theme of TV animation `ROBOTICS;NOTES` in November.
In 2013,
*They performed at German event`AnimagiC2013` as a guest artist.
*They performed the biggest animation song event in Japan `Animelo Summer LIVE` in 2012 and 2013 for 2years in a row.
In 2014,
*They released `Brave the Sky` which is collaboration song with Kanako Ito.
And also released main theme of PS Vita Game product `ROBOTICS;NOTES ELITE`.
*They performed `AnimagiC2014` for 2years in a row.
*As one of Dutch organizer praised their performance glowingly at those event, they were invited to the Dutch animation convention `ABUNAI2014`.
*Now they are performing their activity both in Europe and in Japan.


In 2015,
*They performed `AnimagiC2015` for 3years in a row.
*They performed at Malaysia event`ANIMANGAKI` as a guest artist.


In 2016,
*They performed `AnimagiC2016` for 4years in a row.
*They released `Red Zone` which is ending theme of TV Animation `TERRAFORMARS REVENGE` in April.
*They performed `Animelo Summer Live 2016 刻 -TOKI-` in Japan.
*They will release ending theme of Japanese animation `SOUL BUSTER` which is named `MY OWN LIFE`(broadcasted in Oct.2016).
*They performed at Korean event `MU:CON` in Oct.2016
*They performed at `YAON of NAON`, too. It was produced by the Women’s band named `SHOW-YA` which are the legendable women rock band in Japan.
In 2017,
*They released their original album ’Ley Line’ in June 2017.

**In August, they performed `AnimagiC2017` for 5 years in a row. They performed with a  full band.

Friday, March 30

3:30pm CDT

Saturday, March 31

4:00pm CDT

9:00pm CDT

Sunday, April 1

2:00pm CDT