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Pro-Contest Judge
International Cosplayer/Cosplay Photographer

Pugoffka is cosplayer and cosplay photographer from Ukraine, Kiev. She started her photography career in 2009. She has been photographing for more than 8 years and has done more than 700 cosplay photoshoots. As she travel a lot, she gets a chance to shoot cosplayers from all over the world. She is also a cosplayer and likes to cosplay characters from video games.


Her activity on the last years:


Judge,special guest Otaku Festival 2014 (Bucharest, Romania)

Judge OTOBE 2014 (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Special guest JapanWeekendMadrid 2014 (Madrid,Spain)

Special guest Otaku Festival 2015 (Bucharest, Romania)

Judge,special guest WuCaoCarnival 2015 (Weifang, China)

Judge Anicon 2015 (Ukraine,Lviv)

Special guest, photographer Fotocon 2015 (Wlen, Poland)

Judge FreeTimeFest 2015 (Gomel, Belarus’)

Judge OTOBE 2015 (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Photo exibition Kyiv Comic Con

Judge,special guest GamePlan 2015 (Kuala-Lumpur,Malaysia)

Judge,special guest PlayIT 2015 (Budapest,Hungary)


WCS Mexico judge,special guest, workshop TNT GT10 2016 (Mexico city,México)

Special guest, workshop JapAniManga Night 2016 (Davos, Switzerland)

Special guest, photographer Fotocon 2016 (Wlen, Poland)

Special guest, workshop Mondocon 2016 (Budapest, Hungary)

Special guest, workshop Aniventure 2016 (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Special guest, workshop STGCC 2016 (Singapore)

Special guest ACCF 2016 (Chongqing, China)

Special guest, workshop Gigacon 2016 (Oslo, Norway)

Judge OTOBE 2016 (Kyiv, Ukraine)


Exhibition Anime Matsuri 2017 ( Houston, Texas USA) 8-9 April

Judge Kyiv Comic Con 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine) 6-7 May

Judge VideoZhara 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine) 21-22 May

Special guest, photographer JapanimangaNight (Davos,Switzerland) 27-28 May

Special guest AnimeS Expo 2017 (Sofia, Bulgaria) 24-25 June

Special guest Made In Japan 2017 (Vienna, Austria) 1-2 July

Special guest C2AGE 2017 (Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia)

Special guest Unicon Latvian ComicCon 2017 (Riga,Latvia) 5-6 August

Special guest Fotocon (Wlen,Poland) 2017 11-13 August

Special guest, judge, workshop NowJapan 2017 (Vilnius, Lithuania) 9-10 September

Judge OTOBE 2017 (Kyiv, Ukraine) 7-8 October

Special guest, judge, workshop IndonesiaComicCon (Jakarta, Indonesia) 28-29 October

Special guest, judge AsiaFest 25-26 (Bucharest, Romania) November