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Leon Chiro

International Cosplay Guest

Official Cosplayer for big Videogame Companies as Ubisoft ( Assassin’s Creed \ Watch Dogs ), Square Enix ( Gladiolus – Final Fantasy XV ), Capcom ( honorary mention for his Dante), Namco Bandai (TEKKEN 7) and many more.

Leon was also the official Cos-Model for Riot Games as RAKAN, The Charmer.

Invited as Special Guest in more than 90 events around more than 32 different countries around the world all the way through Europe, Asia and America, Leon had a huge ammount of judging cosplay competitions and he always hosts entertaining panels, Q&A and conferences. With a medium of 4 events \ conventions per month, Leon is also an official collaborator for the biggest videogame companies, and also a big influencer, which is making him one of top list cosplayer in the worldwide male cosplay community.


He worked for 20th Century Fox on the last Assassin’s Creed The Movie on the promotional campaign, stunting and official launch events in Europe. He’s also known as one of the most iconic figures in the Assassin’s Creed community, since he worked for this company from many years and from 2016 he has officially been recognized as the italian face of Assassin’s Creed.

Student in VIGAMUS Academy ( Rome ) specialized on Marketing, Digital Communication in Videogames. Currently working on his Master / Specialization.

Winner of many international competitions, one of his carreer highlights is the ECG italian representative on the european finals in Japan Expo 2016