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Hana Bunny

Domestic Cosplay Guest

Hana Dinh aka Hana Bunny is a Fashion Model and Cosplayer based in San Jose, California. Hana has been cosplaying since 2009 with around 200 projects completed. She takes pride in the ability to apply artistic skill and photo-manipulation into her own cosplay to bring the character to life as accurately as possible. Doing her own photo-shoot and photo-retouch most of the time, Hana believes in everything self-taught and that a cosplayer can thrive to success independently.

Being a Vietnamese American Hana has traveled between the two countries frequently as a guest cosplayer, hoping to spread the geek culture’s kindness and promoting a positive attitude toward the hobby. Hana was the guest of honor for Kome Festival 2016 and Summer Anime Expo 2016 in Vietnam, and Yatta Evolution 2017 in Mexico. Notable for her D.va and Mei cosplay, she also has fun mixing hints of cosplay into her modeling work to create her own style.

“Tôi rất mong chờ được gặp mọi người ở Anime Matsuri!”