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Since 2011, three teenagers from Osaka, Japan aggressively uploaded their vocal and dance covers to Nico Nico Doga and YouTube, and instantly won the fame among the social video watchers as they uploaded more and more videos including Vocaloid to J-POP, K-POP and US Top 40 covers with their original choreography.

As a solo artist, each of them was recognized as one of the top Nico Nico Doga-er/YouTuber, also known as Utaite – a skilled singer/uploader; and Odorite – a skilled dancer/uploader. Everyone was keeping eye on the group’s lead singer, Mii’s next song upload and Misaki’s choreography was even copied by many of popular vocaloid animators for their latest MMD upload. The rookie, Hono was a rising star as Odorite even when she was in the middle school. Mii, Misaki, and Hono as well as their group videos were viewed collectively more than 100,000,000 times and it helped them for their major record debut from Sony Music with “Touch- A.S.A.P.-/Shanghai Darling” in Sept, 2012. Mii continues to be active within the Nico Nico Community and has participated to their various official events including Nico Nico Kunikaigi (world conference) in Singapore in 2014.  And Misaki has choreographed many vocaloid dance routines, and even motion captured for holographic dance characters for big events like Nico Nico Cho Party in 2015  (check the mash-up of Misaki’s motion captured animation vs. Dancing Dolls recent stage performance: https://youtu.be/TCh19aQ3-fI

After releasing several hit singles including “Monochrome” , three of the original members: Mii, Misaki, and Hono made their US performance debut as Dancing Dolls R. (without 2 of their newly added junior members, who replaced two other original Dancing Dolls members, Asuka & Kyoka, the character behind Anon/Kanon, the twin vocaloid which is inspired by their image and actuary uses their voice samples) at Anime Expo 2016 with the rave reviews featuring their smash hit, “Ring Dong” and a cover of hyper vocaloid dance track, “Jinsei Reset Button (Life Reset Button)” that shook up the dance floor. They also surprised the audience by their incognito appearance at K-POP Dance Battle nailing the KARA moves with a jaw-dropping performance and it became their preview to their appearance at SacAnime in January 2017.

With their razor sharp dance moves and powerful vocal skills distinguish them from other idol groups, but still hold the J-POP essence and sensibilities, and still rooted in Otaku and Vocaloid culture, Dancing Dolls R. is definitely your newest discovery, especially if they have not seen them live. They will be performing as the musical guest to 2017 Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX this spring.